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Welcome to the website of Vegotech B.V.
Welcome to the website of Vegotech B.V.
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Most people that already know the great benefits of using lpg for running forklift engines also know the disadvantages of it. The main disadvantage  is having to choose between an early lpg tank change (spilling of lpg),  or keep on working till the engine stops running and do the change.

With this in mind Vegotech engineers came up with the idea of equipping lpg forklift trucks with a small reserve lpg tank. Together with some well-known European companies the idea was being shaped and developed.  After two years of developing and testing we are proud to present to you the ` Vegotech  Buffertank` .

This patented system prevents forklift trucks from failing because they run out of lpg. With this system it is possible to keep on working after the main lpg tank is empty. This also prevents the spilling of lpg not having  to do an early main tank change.

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